Unending Conversation

Think… passionate–a little on the easily committing side of passionate. Like the type of passionate that gives a damn no matter how unimportant the thing seems? That’s Chris. And usually, he does good at what he’s invested in, believe it or not (and it gets to his head too). And that’s both a good thing […]

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Keren is a character in perpetual pursuit. At the same time she manages to convey the message that she knows what she wants, the moment she grabs hold of it, it’s like she wouldn’t know what to do with it. To be her friend is both to feel needed and at the same time to […]

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Three Unrelated Paragraphs

When it comes to designing things, you need two people. At least two. There’s the guy who knows how to make things. This guy’s the artist, the creator. And then there’s the guy who knows how to talk about it. That guy’s the public speaker, the showman. And you know what? Carlo Llanto is both […]

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Raw Process 2: The Theme

Okay so… Since the summer of 2015 began, I was outside of Metro Manila. First I went to Davao, which happened right when the thesis faculty of our batch decided to talk with what’s left of my batch mates about the theme we were gonna follow. Well it turns out that, after my first day […]

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Hey there

Hi there. I suppose every new thing has to start with an intro. My name is Chris. Christopher Bangayan. Recently I turned 21 and wondered, probably like a bunch of you “young” people of my fantastic generation, “what am I supposed to be doing with my life?” Is it alright for me to be what […]

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