Hey there

Hi there. I suppose every new thing has to start with an intro. My name is Chris. Christopher Bangayan. Recently I turned 21 and wondered, probably like a bunch of you “young” people of my fantastic generation, “what am I supposed to be doing with my life?” Is it alright for me to be what I am right now?

So what am I right now? I’m a guy in the Philippines, born to a normal-ish Filipino-Chinese family, studying to become an architect and on my final year at that. I’m interested in quite a lot of things and I’m indecisive which is why I seem to have not chosen a particular… thing to be particularly great at. You know what I mean?

What’s a problem for me? Self-image. Let’s talk generation Y shit then… according to this post by waitbutwhy.com (whose posts are pretty good, at least at the time), we generation Y people are socially predisposed to be… unsatisfied. Envious. Not being happy because of greater expectations and status anxiety. And you know what? That may be just how I feel right now.

I’m unremarkable in my own eyes. I’m an architecture student who doesn’t sketch much. Who doesn’t photoshop really good. Who doesn’t have a portfolio yet. I don’t even have thesis topics yet and the school year starts tomorrow. Am I not supposed to be famous right now?! I’m not even Twitter famous… I didn’t envision my current self as this back when I was in my teens…

I don’t know why I started this but I figured it was time for me to start getting busy with just… something. I like writing and I like talking. So… maybe I’ll keep doing this…


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