Raw Process 1: Looking for problems

Let’s talk arson. Let’s talk architecture.

A thesis topic. I have a few in mind but the ideas are… unfinished. Uncooked. Raw… I really don’t think I’m ready but I guess I’m never gonna be ready for something like this. I’ll be ready the moment it starts. Work from here…

I’m supposed to be working with 3 possible topics for my thesis and I actually do have 3 in my mind. They’re: (1) an inclusive community, (2) a food hall and wet market, and (3) a library. I guess I’ve been churning these topics up in my mind for a few weeks now but that’s all they are-ideas. Let’s expound on them.

I chose the inclusive community as my primary idea because (1) I’m doing it for my sister who’s got Down’s Syndrome and (2) I did a pretty okay mini thesis on it last year. I’m open to scaling it up this time y’know? Instead of just a school, it’s gonna be a community. From institutional to mixed use. Put in residential. Put in commercial. We can have ourselves a community, a livelihood hub and an awareness center. Not to mention the research this kind of place brings. I would give examples but this list here can give you a better look on the inclusive education thing.

The second idea I got when I went to Spain a few weeks ago. Apparently there were places called Mercado‘s in Spain. They were these huge food halls which was kinda like an open space restaurant market where you get stalls selling a lot of different things. Anyway, it brought me back to my first mini thesis which was a festival marketplace. I could add the market place in with the food hall and then just find a food source, a seaside or a farm. Put it all together and make it all work and we have a commercial hub and a livelihood center…

The last idea was based off my own interests. I like reading books. I just love em. I pass by a library or a book store and I immediately walk towards it. It’s not exactly the act reading them but just knowing that I’m so close to all these wonderful stories and shit y’know? Just knowing that I can read them makes me happy.

And what else do I love apart from literature? The fucking Internet. A technologically forward library. Add in a study hall. Add in a game room. Cafes, pizza, lounge, bar… We have a student’s dream place.

Fuck it that’s all I got…

So here I lay my ideas. Raw, unfinished. But maybe… of value. I got no clients, particular plans, a site but I have a little motivation. It’s 6:30 AM and it’s my first day of my last year at uni, let’s see where this gets me…


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