Raw Process 2: The Theme

Okay so… Since the summer of 2015 began, I was outside of Metro Manila. First I went to Davao, which happened right when the thesis faculty of our batch decided to talk with what’s left of my batch mates about the theme we were gonna follow. Well it turns out that, after my first day of class, there was a theme after all. As opposed to not having one which was what I thought for the longest time. What was it? It was apparently called “Scale to fit.” It sounded like some hipster type of theme actually. So alright… what the fuck was it exactly?

Well, it’s basically just a theme that limits the size of the project supposedly to bring out the details in the designed structure. I liked it generally because it’s usually how I do things anyway. Or at least how I’d like to do things generally.

There was one problem though…

The problem was that my first and most thought out idea was an inclusive school if you recall in the last post. It was a complex, which made it large. And the professor also told us not to choose schools as a project because classrooms were usually the same in terms of design. I needed facilities. Specific facilities. Cool badass out of this world facilities. There needed to be innovation. Well… It’s what I intend to do next. Let’s look for innovation…

An innovative inclusive school, an innovative food hall, and an innovative library. Or something else. I guess it’s research time again…


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