Keren is a character in perpetual pursuit. At the same time she manages to convey the message that she knows what she wants, the moment she grabs hold of it, it’s like she wouldn’t know what to do with it. To be her friend is both to feel needed and at the same time to feel like she doesn’t need help. But it’s never the case that it feels dull or winding when you’re with her.

To be with her is to be lost. In a good way. It’s to take away all judgment without losing context.

But to know her is to know that a person who’s non-judgmental is one who attracts the people with the most secrets. And it is true that she does hold quite a lot of stories from the most unlikely people. To know her is to sometimes be protective of her and the type of crowd she attracts. It’s also to be excited to see her and hear the stories she has to tell.

To know her is to hope that she finds something to set her eyes on cause you know she’ll reach it eventually. There’s gotta be a use for all that…hunger.


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