Three Unrelated Paragraphs

When it comes to designing things, you need two people. At least two. There’s the guy who knows how to make things. This guy’s the artist, the creator. And then there’s the guy who knows how to talk about it. That guy’s the public speaker, the showman. And you know what? Carlo Llanto is both those guys. In fact he’s probably one of the first to school you on the importance of how you frame a painting and just how it’s done.

To be his friend is to recognize how he works. And that consists of a tenacious sense of idiosyncrasy, an insane supply of wit, a stubborn kind of follow-through, and a semi-appropriate lack of shame. In short, the perfect combination to go along with a good idea. And that goes for a lot of things, his taste in music, his relationships, even his video game persona, and of course, his creative work. He’s someone who not only accepts the awkwardness of living but also thrives in it–who knows that weirdness is a fact of life and it’s just as good as how you accept it.

To know Carlo is to know that amazing things aren’t just born from short bursts of creativity, divine intervention, or training montages, or miracles. They’re also born from seeing things through… Which is a little better than miracles. You know he can make things happen.


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